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  Whatever the taste or type you’re looking for, we’ve got the perfect hot dog to meet your needs and exceed your customers’ expectations. All our franks are made to the highest quality standards, and whether you select from our extensive product list, or have us customize a size or formulation for you, we can provide a product to meet your specific requirements and application. We’ll work with you to determine the best formulation, spice profile, and product design to get you the best product solution. Kent franks make it easy to give your customers the quality, taste, and consistency they expect.  

1.  Wide variety of formulations, spice profiles, and sizes available, including:

All Beef Formulas ­ Standard and Roller Grill Formulations
Beef and Pork Formulas ­ Standard and Roller Grill Formulations
Pork, Water, Beef Formulas ­ Standard and Roller Grill Formulations
Pork, Turkey, Beef Formulas
Turkey Formulas

2.  Great results in a wide variety of cooking applications, including roller grill,    
flat grill, and steamer.

3.  Multiple packaging configurations available, including gas flush, vacuum pack,
and bulk pack for further processing.

4.  Make any frank your own with our custom packaging and private labeling options.


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