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Taking the lead on quality. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Since 1967, we've been creating some of the finest franks, sausages, and specialty meats in the world. We're the best for one simple reason: it's all we do. Family owned and operated for three generations, we're able to invest all our time and energy into making higher quality, better performing sausages and franks.


frank sausage

our products have been a perennial favorite at establishments ranging from hot dog stands to national restaurant chains, food service companies, broad line distributors, and the further processing industry. frank 1924 Today, we continue to bring out the best for our customers. Everything we make is manufactured to the highest standards and conforms to the strictest measures of food safety and quality – ours. With such a broad product offering and our superior track record in new customer conversions, we make it easy for anyone to switch to Kent Quality Foods.


With every frank as good as the last, you can expect a consistent taste, texture, and performance. Our quality always satisfies. Here's how we do it:


Consistency throughout is key to making a quality product. This starts with using the best ingredients available.

  • We use only the finest raw materials in all of our products. This means going to the top houses to source the best selection of fresh, USDA inspected beef and pork.
  • Exclusively use fresh beef and pork, never frozen. Each day several loads of fresh meat arrive at our facility for immediate processing.
  • Spices and seasonings custom blended to our strict specifications to ensure a reliable flavor profile.


Our staff of quality assurance technicians monitor every step ofthe production process to assure adherence to all product specifications and standards.

  • Raw material testing to ensure suppliers meet our standards.
  • Full lab analysis of meat components for each product batch.
  • Continual product testing throughout the production process, ensuring each product lives up to our high standards, and to yours.
  • Finished product analysis in our USDA accredited lab. Testing includes full lab analysis, product cooking performance, and verification of weights and dimensions.

Product Quality and Development

Product Quality and Development are top priorities. Our Research and Development team combines years of experience with the newest innovations and trends in the industry to create the most quality products.

  • We specialize in customizing any product to our customer’s needs and requirements
  • SQF Certified
  • Precision testing and development with each and every product
  • We can produce large or small quantities without sacrificing the quality


Our job involves more than just making great franks and sausage. Customer service and support is a key part of what we do. Menu solutions, product training, and R&D support are just a few of the services you will get with Kent Quality Foods. We’ve also developed a process for product conversion that provides for a smooth transition.

At Kent Quality Foods, we provide more than just franks and sausage, we provide product solutions to exceed your expectations.

Our Operations and Sales Teams work closely with you to ensure that your transition is smooth and seamless, ensuring no disruptions in your supply chain. At Kent Quality Foods, we provide more than just franks and sausage, we provide product solutions to exceed your expectations.

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